What is this place?

Hi! I'm Brie.

I spend just about all my time researching, writing, and thinking about about the ways organizations coordinate. I came to this work because being a part of great organizations like Stripe, Figma, and Google changed my life and I decided to make it my life’s work to help company leaders bring those same benefits to their people.

I've never been a founder and I don't aspire to be one. I'm not a venture capitalist or a recruitable employee either. I can't speak from any position of any real authority or status, but I do speak from the perspective of someone who cares a lot about this stuff. And I can tell you about the questions real founders are asking when no one they are trying to impress is watching and match them up with the tactics I've seen great organizations rely on.

Perhaps most importantly, though, I can tell you what works for those of us who work from the corners of an organization, trying to do great stuff that matters.

I hope you like it and I hope it’s useful but, above all else, I hope it helps more people find even more pride, joy, and satisfaction in their work.

Thanks for being here.

If you want more Brie, you can learn about my past lives and work here.