March in Founder Fodder Land
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March in Founder Fodder Land

Hi! Thanks for following along with Founder Fodder!

I'll keep sending freebies on Wednesdays, but most of the good stuff will be heading to the inboxes of paid subscribers–sharing the headlines here to help you decide whether you want to be one of them. (I hope you do!).

Coming this month

  • How do we fight the navel-gaze?
  • I'm detecting some rumblings that reflect a mistrust in leadership. What should I do?
  • How do we instill a culture of more feedback at our company?
  • We drafted our operating principles, now what should we do to make sure everyone internalizes them?
  • How do I wrangle our very chaotic operating rhythm?
  • How do I balance micromanagement and not having to update my mental model for how work gets done with every person, team, or workstream?
  • We’re thinking of bringing on another company leader. What should I know/be thinking about?
  • We have a new leader starting. How can we effectively onboard them?
  • How can our company leaders stay connected/visible to our team as we scale?
  • How can we make skip-level meetings useful for everyone (and not a huge time suck)?
  • Any tips for a lightweight review process? I want the feedback to flow without having to implement a whole system or tool.
  • Our culture needs a sharp turn. What should we do?
  • Can I have favorites?

And, a smattering of what you missed last month

As always, if you've got quirks and quandaries of your own, or just wanna say hey, you know where to find me!